NFE (Non-formal Education for dropout )

There are so many children whose families are shelter less without food and proper clothes. They don’t go to school but collect rags and sell and earn some money to support their families and many children is dropout from the school. We have decided to arrange non-formal education for these children to enable them to read and write to get admission in govt. school. We have appointed one teacher to teach them. At present there are 3 NFE Center children who get free education We provide them books, note books and pencils and rubbers. All are coming regularly and taking good interest in their reading. This programme could be initiated in 2001 only. When MWS was launched in April 2001 there was only 1 NFE centre which was in a bad shape. The focus of this programme was on girls, deprived and weaker sections in order to identify the children in need and voluntary teachers.