Tuition Centre

Our Free Tuition Centre serves students from slums. There are boys and girls studying in nearby government schools. As they do not have any money for extra coaching, the education of the children suffers. Most of the parents are uneducated ordinary labourers, and are not in a position to help the children to improve in their studies. Moreover the atmosphere in their homes is not suitable for study at all. In addition there is no extra room for the study in most of the homes. If they do not come here, they do not study. Furthermore, they have very less chance of learning good culture.

It is our experience poor children are very eager for education. The eagerness of the children for studies is evident from their enthusiasm in attending our Tuition centre. From humble beginnings, the scheme is now covering 175 students (boys and girls) from Class 1 to Class 8. There is a possibility to cover about 200 children. We have a group of 5 dedicated teachers, who treat these children as their own and teach with a spirit of service. Coaching is given in the following subjects - Science, Mathematics, Social sciences, English, Hindi, Computer. Regular tests are held to improve their skills. Two of the teachers are voluntary and the remaining three are paid part-time salary.